Printopia vs Printopia Pro

Printopia Pro is the new, enterprise version of Printopia, the award-winning mobile printing solution for the Mac.

Printopia Pro is designed for use on a server, and provides mobile printing services for a large group of people, along with manageability, enterprise integration and the ability to print across subnets. One server running Printopia Pro can enable mobile printing for an entire company, without buying new printers or making changes to the existing network architecture.

Printopia is designed for use on smaller networks, on a personal machine, and provides more personalized features including Dropbox integration and "Send to Mac" virtual printing. Printopia works on a single network segment only, and is perfect for home users or small businesses who don't have segmented networks or the need for other enterprise-class capabilities.



printopia pro

Printopia Pro

Send to Mac
Send to Dropbox
Send to Application
Wide-Area Printing
VLAN Support
Web Folders
Remote Administration
Directory Integration
Job Management
Centralized Access Control
Pricing $19.99 From $79
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