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Connect your Mac to just about anything.

Connect to routers, servers, firewalls, industrial control and IoT devices with ease.

Hex View NEW

See every byte received in raw hex format allowing you to work with devices lacking a text-based interface. A new send panel allows you transmit data in hex format too.

SSH Support NEW

Serial is now a full featured SSH client with a comprehensive built-in identity manager and the ability to organize and group your favorite hosts.

Telnet and Raw Socket Support NEW

Serial now includes comprehensive support for Telnet, including the RFC2217 extension for remote serial port control supported by many serial device servers. Serial supports raw TCP sockets as well.

Flawless Emulation

Serial is a full-featured terminal emulator supporting Xterm, VT102, and ANSI terminal controls. This allows you to navigate the menu-driven interfaces found in many routers, firewalls and switches and use text based programs including emacs, vi, and nano as if you were connected over the network.

No Drivers

Serial includes built-in, reliable support for almost every serial device on the market, sparing you the hassle of finding, installing, and updating drivers.


 Does the job
If you need it, you'll be happy to pay for it. The pleasure of finding your device ready to connect upon opening the application without having to mess with drivers is priceless. After that, it just works.  — GGuida

 Finally! An app by someone who understands
Serial apps don't need to be flashy, but this one has 2 killer features that most serial terminal apps totally miss that are a massive convenience for network device programming: 1. An easy way to send serial break 2. paste buffering so that copy/paste into a terminal won't overflow the serial buffer and drop your connection. I've been programming network devices for 20 years and the paste buffer in this app is the first time i have seen this implemented. No more terminal session drops half-way through pasting in configuration directives! No more guessing how much i can paste without dropping my session! 5 stars. If you program equipment via RS232 this app is better than anythign i've used prior on any platform for the specific reasons above.  — throAU

 Best serial software for Cisco Engineer
Simply keeps working. pull the console, and reconnect without having to reset tty!!  — Craig_Personal

Additional Features


Supports devices from FTDI, Silicon Labs, Prolific, TI, Microchip, and many more.


Save time by storing frequently used settings for use with multiple devices.


Capture timestamps for received data.

Break Support

Reliable break support enables password recovery, Cisco ROM monitor mode and more.

File Transfers

Supports XMODEM, YMODEM, ZMODEM and Kermit for file transfers and firmware uploads.


Manual or automatic logging for auditing or debugging purposes.

Extended Baud Rates

Access non-standard baud rates.


Connect to Bluetooth Serial (SPP) and some Bluetooth Smart devices.

Version 2.0.17 — 21.7 MB — Release Notes
Free demo is fully functional for 7 days.
Requires macOS El Capitan (10.11) or later.
Compatible with macOS Monterey (12.0) and runs natively on both Apple and Intel Processors.